James Cavanagh Friday 9-21-18

September 21, 2018

James is here with his usual weekly segment 


Shawn Carney Angela Li Thursday 9-20-18

September 20, 2018

Shawn talks 40 days and Angela is the winner if the St. Thomas Moore Award 


Shawn Carney Kevin Staszkow Wednesday 9-19-18

September 19, 2018

Shawn is the executive director and founder of 40 Days for Life. Kevin is on to talk On Fire recap. 


Theresa Rodgers Julie Sly Tuesday 9-18-18

September 18, 2018

Theresa is the President of St. Francis High School. Julie comes by to finish her synopsis of this upcoming Catholic Herald. 


Andy Revis John Watkins Monday 9-17-18

September 17, 2018

Andy is the new executive director of the California Catholic Conference. John is on to talkabout two important events here in the Sacramento 


Angela Li James Cavanagh Friday 9-14-18

September 16, 2018

Angela is the newest St. Thomas Moore Award winner and James is here for his weekly lesson. 


Stephen Morris Eric Hintz Thursday 9-13-18

September 13, 2018
Stephen is the Youth and Young Adult Minister for the Diocese of Santa Rosa, he is talking about a major event in October. Eric was a former St. Thomas Moore Award winner. 

John Doering Joe Picon Armando Cervantes Wednesday 9-12-18

September 12, 2018

John is on to talk about the upcoming Devine Mercy Conference. Joe is here talking about 40 days for life in Hawaii.  Armando is speaking at On Fire Nor-Cal jam. 


jane lee

September 11, 2018

Jane is here to talk her ministry of Gods Herat and Hands. 


Kay Belluomini Paul Starkie Maureen Guth Monday 9-10-18

September 10, 2018

Kay is talking about a great giveaway from Relevant Radio. Paul is on to talk SVDP events. Maureen is talking 40 Days for Lif in Yuba City